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6 Healthy Herbs to Flavor Food

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The meals you eat are meant to energize and enliven the body, not weight it down with disease, sluggishness, inflammation, or digestive problems. Using fresh herbs and spices to flavor food is a wonderful way to promote good health while creating delicious meals. Implement the following 6 healthy herbs to add mouth-watering taste without adding saturated fat or artificial additives. As an extra bonus, these herbs and spices also protect the body against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease!

Garlic provides powerful support for the cardiovascular system by lowering blood pressure, preventing blood clots, and raising levels of healthy HDL cholesterol. It also boosts the immune system and helps defend the body from cancer.

Turmeric, a personal favorite known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helps alleviate arthritis, joint pain, and swelling. Turmeric also invigorates t336510he blood, flushes toxins out of the liver, and boosts fat metabolism. Add to sautéed vegetables, scrambled eggs, smoothies, and curry dishes.

Cilantro improves bone strength with its high concentration of vitamin K. It’s also high in fiber and rich in magnesium, iron, and phytonutrients, helping relieve cramps, reduce inflammation, and lower bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Parsley is a fantastic source of vitamin K, which is necessary for optimal bone and nerve health. It also contains antioxidants that oxygenate blood, keep your immune system strong, and reduce inflammation in the body.

Cinnamon keeps blood sugar stable and lowers inflammation in the body, helping protect the body from heart disease, atherosclerosis, and colon cancer. Cinnamon is also an excellent source of manganese, fiber, and calcium, and antioxidants. Use its sweet, warm flavor to satisfy cravings instead of reaching for fatty foods or refined sugar.

Ginger, with its high antioxidant load, offers a variety of body-boosting benefits. It helps reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain in the body, making it an ideal treatment for arthritis and migraines. It also soothes digestive problems, boosts the immune system, and slows the growth of cancer cells.

The 6 herbs and spices listed above are noted for their exceptional health benefits and should be incorporated into meals on a regular basis. Variety and balance are the spice of life, however, and there are a multitude of herbs and spices not listed here that also provide a wonderful boost for the body and should not be ignored. So the lesson of the day is this: Experiment!

If fresh herbs and spices are on your health ‘to-do’ list, think about investing in a Tower Garden. It’s like having a Farmers Market on your patio! All you need is a small space, indoors or outside, that receives a moderate amount of daily sunshine, and you can grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The economic and environmental benefits of investing in a Tower Garden make it one of the freshest, healthiest, and most sustainable ways to feed yourself and your loved ones.

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Jodi Geigle is a board certified nutrition and wellness professional highly experienced in nutrition counseling, wellness program creation, effective client behavior modification, corporate wellness and large scale team leadership with an emphasis in operations, technology and start up culture. Jodi has been featured in Women's Running, and MindBodyGreen.

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