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Top 8 Tips for Slowing Down

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Life is all about movement. Just like learning to walk, we constantly try, fall down, learn from our mistakes, and get up to do it all over again. And just like that we move from crawling to running.

Our busy lives have us believing that in order to ‘work hard, play hard’, we must constantly be on the move. The best formula for a successful life, however, involves equal parts activity and stillness. Taking the time to slow down is just as important and valuable as its counterpart. Here’s how: 

  1. Prioritize daily objectives. Instead of stressing over every item on your to-do list, focus on the top 2-3. By focusing on the most important tasks to get done, you’ll eliminate the anxiety and hustle of trying to accomplish everything at once.
  2. Reduce internet use. Technology is inescapable. It’s a necessary and major component to both our jobs and our personal lives. Social networking, email, and web-surfing steals hours of our time on a daily basis, but it doesn’t have to. Instead of checking Facebook for 500th time, use the time to explore new hobbies, exercise or meditate.
  3. Enjoy nature. When time permits, take a 5 to 10 minute break to step outside and breathe fresh air. Disconnect from the rest of the world and concentrate on the beauty of nature.
  4. Eat Slower. A lot of us tend to speed through meals; missing the chance to appreciate different textures and flavors. Start to chew foods more mindfully. Eating slower helps your body register how full you are, PLUS you get to discover new tastes, aromas and consistencies.
  5. Connect with loved ones. In the hectic-ness of life, we sometimes to forget to nurture our relationships. Make a commitment to connecting with close friend and family on a regular basis. Exchange stories, discuss life events, and share plenty of laughter, keeping you close to those you love.
  6. Create YOU time. When’s the last time you spent valuable time by yourself? Take a night to find a new book, watch a favorite movie, try yoga, meditate or cook a new recipe. Invest in something that is 100% about you and for you.
  7. Close your eyes and sit in silence. Even if it’s just for a moment in front of your computer, sitting in your garage, or right before you start an important meeting. Just a few moments of silence or meditation can set the tone for the rest of your day. Try to empty your mind and take deep breaths before jumping into the day’s tasks.
  8. Remember the overall goal. Each morning when you wake up, take a few moments to think about your life goals and aspirations. Acknowledge the milestones you’ve already made in your life and focus on the new ones you’re going to achieve. Try doing this for about 5 minutes before finally getting out of bed to start your day.



Implementing these simple, effective steps are a wonderful way to create balance as you move forward, learn from your past, and look towards your future.




Jodi Geigle is a board certified nutrition and wellness professional highly experienced in nutrition counseling, wellness program creation, effective client behavior modification, corporate wellness and large scale team leadership with an emphasis in operations, technology and start up culture. Jodi has been featured in Women's Running, and MindBodyGreen.

One thought on “Top 8 Tips for Slowing Down

  1. This is excellent advice. I have so many irons in the fire now, I certainly need to slow down and walk more with God instead of allowing all this busy work to interfere! Thanks for a great post, blessings

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