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6 Exercises to Torch 600 Calories

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If you wear a heart-rate monitor (or any kind of logging gadget) during your sweat sessions, you know the thrill of looking down and realizing you’ve way overshot your goals. It’s almost like a mini-challenge: How many calories can you burn in as little time as possible.

If you weigh around 150 lbs, the 6 exercises to torch 600 calories found below will have you in-and-out and 600 calories lighter in about 45 minutes.


HIIT: Full body muscle toning and plyometrics keep your heart rate high and your metabolism humming, not only during class, but for the remainder of the day as well.

Boxing: Sparring with a partner is an excellent way to get your heart pumping, the pounds dropping,  stress levels fleeing and your body sky-rocketing.


Running: Always a winner, an 8 minute mile pace will have you completing a 5 mile run in about 40 minutes while burning off approximately 600 calories. Can’t you already feel the endorphins flooding your system?

Cycling: Indoor or outdoor, if you push yourself to go faster than 20 MPH, watch those calories melt off in record time.


Cross Country Skiing: If you challenge yourself to go move between moderate and race pace, you can actually burn anywhere between 600-1200 calories an hour.

Hiking: Instead of getting intimidated, get serious about those hills on your favorite hiking trails. The steeper the incline the better, and if you’re wearing a backpack that weighs 10-15 lbs, even better!



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Jodi Geigle is a board certified nutrition and wellness professional highly experienced in nutrition counseling, wellness program creation, effective client behavior modification, corporate wellness and large scale team leadership with an emphasis in operations, technology and start up culture. Jodi has been featured in Women's Running, and MindBodyGreen.

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