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Summer Smoothies: Watermelon Mint and Energizing Grape

The refreshing days of summer are here, and along with warm days, afternoon naps and dips in the water come an array of refreshing, fresh fruit beverages! If you and your blender have not yet become acquainted, these summer smoothies are bound to make you the closest of friends by the end of the day.

Refreshing Watermelon-Mint Smoothie

2 cups chopped watermelonwatermelon-mint-mojito1

Handful of fresh mint leaves

1 cup strawberries

½ cup sliced cucumber

1 cup fresh parsley

1 cup filtered water (or unsweetened green tea)

Blend, garnish with a fresh mint leaf if you like a little flair, and drink up!


Energizing Banana-Grape Smoothiecherry banana smoothie - small size

1 medium banana

2 tablespoons dried goji berries

½ cup red grapes

6 whole strawberries (fresh or frozen)

3 cups kale or spinach

2 celery stalks

1 cup of filtered water

Blend all ingredients and enjoy. This is great for anyone looking to replenish their body after a hot day in the sun or a long run.

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Energizing Chocolate-Date Bars

We all crave something a little sweet from time-to-time. When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth and keeping your health goals on-track, what matters most is the QUALITY and type of sweet treat you reach for. Enter the almighty date!

Dates are a nutritional powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Just one date offers 2 grams fiber, which helps stabilize blood sugar and helps move waste through the body. Vitamins A and K found in these tiny nuggets promote healthy skin, lungs and eyes, while the high content of minerals such as copper and magnesium help prevent oxidative stress, which helps prevent heart disease and certain cancers while boosting immune function in the body.

To get started, try these homemade Energizing Chocolate-Date Bars, copied from Angie Tee at Sea Salt with Food, which can help you push through a grueling workout. Or try the ultra-satisfying Stuffed Date for a decadent, delicious treat.

Energizing Chocolate-Date Bars

Ingredients SONY DSC

2 Cups Medjool Dates, pitted and chopped
2 Cups Raw Cashews
½ Cup Raw Almonds
¾ Cup Cocoa Powder
A Pinch Of Sea Salt
½ Cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconuts
2 Tbsp. Vanilla Extract
2 to 3 Tbsp. Cold Water


Combine chopped dates, cashews, almonds, cocoa powder, and sea salt in a food processor. Pulse and process all the ingredients together until the texture is coarse. Then add the shredded coconut, a quick pulse, and add the vanilla extract, a little water at a time until it reaches a dry but moist dough consistency. Scrape the dough mixture into the lined pan, press evenly with a rubber spatula, and chill for about an hour before serving.

Stuffed Date


Cut a date in half and remove the seed, and then stuff with 1 tablespoon of almond butter or Sunbutter. Sprinkle with cinnamon & raw honey for a sweet treat, or leave the honey off and enjoy the delicious richness of the date paired with your chosen nut or seed butter.

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Herb and Avocado Omelet

Poor eggs, they get a pretty bad wrap in some circles. Barring food allergies or intolerance, organic, free-range eggs are actually an excellent source of nutrition.

Some highlights of the almighty egg:                   Egg_colours

  • Excellent source of protein, helping stabilize blood sugar and keep you feeling fuller, longer.
  • Great source of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids, helping reduce your risk for heart disease.
  • Egg yolks are one of the richest dietary sources of the B-complex vitamin, which directly affects neurological (brain) function.
  • Eggs are high in sulfur, which is essential for collagen and keratin production, leading to strong nails and hair as well as youthful, glowing skin. Sulfur also supports vitamin B absorption and healthy liver function.

Here’s one of our favorite egg recipes over at Eat Clean Health:

Herb and Avocado Omelet

1 egg, 2 egg whites

½ tablespoon EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

½ teaspoon fresh/dried thyme_MG_0044

½ tablespoon fresh/dried basil

½ tablespoon fresh/dried parsley

Dash of turmeric

½ ripe avocado

Black pepper (optional)

  1. Crack the eggs into a bowl, add herbs, and whisk together.
  2. Heat a small saute or omelet pan over medium heat, then add the oil to the pan. Once the oil is hot (be careful not to allow it to smoke), pour in the eggs.

When the eggs are firm, flip over. Add sliced avocado on one half of the omelet. Turn off heat and fold the egg over to serve. Top with black pepper to taste.

Eat Up and Enjoy!

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