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Five Metabolism Boosting Tips

Ah, the ever elusive ‘fast metabolism’. Everyone wants one and some people think it’s as mythical as unicorns. While some people seem to be genetically, metabolically blessed, others have to work a bit harder to feel their internal furnace burning strong. These five metabolism boosting tips can help get you there.

Is it Chilly in Here?

If you lower your body’s temperature by just a few degrees, your body starts to burn more calories in its attempt to raise it back to a comfortable zone. Dropping the thermostat in your office or while you sleep to 66 degrees can help you burn more than 7 percent more calories than higher temps.

Get Spicy          HIIT-Workout

Spicy food can also mean a fat-burning metabolism. Capsaicin, found in peppers such as chili peppers, jalapeños and cayenne, has been shown to help people shred fat. Plus, it’s a tasty way to flare up your meals.

Clean Eating

No surprise here. The cleaner you eat, the cleaner your body burns fuel. Aim for organic, non-processed foods; the chemicals, added sugars and additives found in processed foods  and non-organic foods can negatively disrupt your hormones and slow metabolic functions.

Train Smarter

Instead of hour long cardio sessions on the treadmill, mix it up with HIIT (high intensleepsity interval training), which can save time AND increase your metabolism for a full 24 hours post-workout. The higher the intensity, the more rebuilding and calorie burning your muscles do after you stop; plus it’ll help create nice definition and tone in body muscle.

Sleep it Off

That’s right; the amount and quality of sleep you get directly impacts how effectively your metabolism burns. Lack of sleep and/or constant fatigue directly impact the hormones responsible for regulating appetite and energy use in the body. Aim for 8-9 hours of sound, restful nights and your overall health and metabolism will thank you for it.

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